Most, if given a choice,  would rather live at home then move into a nursing home or an assisted living  facility. Nothing beats remaining in the comfort of your own home, enjoying the life of dignity and independence. Your favorite chair, the coziness of your kitchen, the family memories that have been years in the making….Dignity Grace Homecare can help make this happen.

Need more reasons…? WHY HOME CARE?

  • Well, Home is where the heart is. We all connect the warm, fuzzy, comforting feelings about being home. When we are sick, tired, or ill, we want to go home. When we are well or want to celebrate the small and big moments in life, we think of home.
  • It is tailor made to your needs. Home care is customized to the needs of each person. No sharing a caregiver or waiting for care.  Caregivers in many assisted living communities and nursing homes often take care of 8-12 residents at any given moment.  That is less than 8 minutes a person per hour. 
  • More quality time with family. Spending quality time with their loved one, instead of doing running countless errands or trying to keep up with appointments, cleaning, cooking etc.  The sandwich generation mean you are most likely caring for your children and spouse’s needs, working and taking care of your parents.  Pressures that can take its toll on the health of the primary caregiver…you.
  • Home care prevents or postpones health declines. Falling, failure to take medications, poor diets and hygiene are many reasons why seniors end up in nursing homes. Many of these can be prevented.
  • Faster healing time Personalized private care within the home helps patients heal faster. No bells, beeps, constant interruptions by nursing staff, coughing or snoring nursing home roommate, or many other nuisances can prevent patients from getting proper rest to heal.
  • Maintain independence: Nothing is dignified about being helpless. With some help, seniors can continue to do their activities of daily living to remain independent in their homes.
  • Less stress on you and the family.  Being in a hospital or nursing home can increase anxiety and stress.  Sharing a hospital room with a noisy roommate, nurses prodding you, and the clinical atmosphere makes it tough to get rest.  Home care frequently has the opposite effect. The caregiver helps with all the activities of daily living that we take for granted and how time consuming they all can be, especially when relying on someone else to help with them. 
  • Professionals with a compassionate heart. Many caregivers do this work because they enjoy helping others. It’s a calling to them, not just another paycheck.
  • Less expensive.  Overall, comparing hospital, nursing home, board and care, and assisted living community expenses and quality of life, home care is the preferred choice.  Its 1/4th as much as a nursing home. It may be less expensive up front with assisted living communities/facilities (ALFs) , but as you factor in the “points”, “levels” (ALFs will charge more based on how much care you need. Each type of assistance, medication reminder, bathing, help to the dining room, dressing, etc.  is assigned points or levels. The more care=more points=more fees), care costs will rival home care.
  • Live longer with dignity. Getting old is difficult, especially doing the daily tasks that many seniors have done for many years on their own. Rather than ask for help, seniors would rather not eat, bathe, change their clothes or properly care for themselves out of pride or forgetfulness. Home care ensures that seniors do not neglect themselves.
  • Palliative or hospice care. Many patients are comforted, knowing they can receive hospice care at home.

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