Your Care Team Guides You Every Step of the Way To Finding Your Ideal Caregiver

Our company culture emphasis is providing a personal touch with professionalism that our Care Team of Nurses and Coordinators bring to the process of finding your ideal caregiver. The moment you contact us, you have us as your one-stop resource and source of assistance. Immediately, you appointed to a nurse and care coordinator who will conduct a comprehensive care assessments and consult with you or your loved ones “wish” list in a caregiver.

There are a lot of companies & websites out there that just provide a list of caregivers for you to scroll through, contact, meet and hire.  Many discover the caregiver is not able to perform some of the duties required, which then leaves you back at Step #1, combing through the lists again.  What is missing from this process is the lack of performing a care assessment and consulting with what the clients’ needs and functional limitations AND talking to the caregiver to ensure they can handle the job responsibilities.

How can we ease your concern about if you have found the right caregiver?  We offer unlimited replacements for up to 90 days if you  are not 100% satisfied with the caregiver. 

Still not too sure?  A great option is to use our sister agency, Accessible Health Care of South OC, caregivers & try them out for a few hours or days, for as long as you need them.  If you love your caregiver(s), we will facilitate the transition to making them your employee so you can start saving on care.

Our Care Team will not only conduct a thorough care assessment and consultation, of situation and care needs, but she will guide you through the process. We want to ensure that hiring your caregiver will be smooth, efficient and easy as possible, and personally make sure that you are 100% satisfied.


Contact Dignity Grace Home Care today and use our experience in finding placing hundreds of caregivers with clients to find that perfect caregiver for you.

To begin the process of finding your perfect caregiver, simply contact us.

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