We know using agencies can be expensive. But hiring a home health caregiver on your own can have too many risks too. Instead, choose Dignity Grace Homecare. The reason you’re able to save so significantly with our company is that you are managing & employing the caregiver.   You  cut out the middle man (agencies & registries) so your caregiver works directly for you, without skimping you on the vital steps that safeguards the delivery of trustworthy, quality in-home care. We are like headhunters for caregivers.

It isn’t worth the risk to invite someone to move in with your love one (be careful with that landlord/tenant relationship) because they seem warm and friendly, and so you are tentative about asking for their social security number to run that background check. Or you find a caregiver that has said all the right things, so you want to hire them immediately.   Or family and work pressures make it difficult to sift through profiles, emails, care sites and wait for their return calls (if they call back), only to find out that the caregiver cannot work the hours you need or have unrealistic demands.  Our team has screened thousands of caregivers, spending many hours asking the tough questions, combing through their background, to ensure we find that special person to care for your loved one.

By cutting out the agency, you cut out overhead and profit margins — and pay your professionally-vetted caregiver directly — you’ll be spending about 35%-50% less than you would normally pay to a senior care agency. Your caregiver earns about 30% more than the standard hourly wage and our experience tells us, that a higher paid caregiver is more reliable and dependable. That’s a win-win situation for both you and the caregiver. You will recoup our nominal one-time placement fee very quickly since this our unique model eliminates many of the costs agencies must charge to stay in business. 

Traditional employer-model based agency costs:

  • Caregiver earns 50%-60% of what is billed by agency
  • Workers compensation insurance can be 8%-14% (depending on agency’s history of claims)
  • Federal Taxes:  8.25% (total)
    • FICA (Social Security): 6.2%
    • FICA (Medicare) 1.45%
    • FUTA (Unemployment) 0.6%
  • State Taxes (California): 10.85%- 15.55%
    • SDI (State Disability): 1.0%
    • SUI (State Unemployment): 1.5%-6.2% (depends on the employers unemployment claims history)
    • ETT (Employment Training Tax): 0.1%
  • Business Costs (office expenses, staffing & recruiting costs, payroll fees, etc): 11-15%

As you can see, agency-as-employer must charge at least 30% more to cover it expenses.  When you hire the home health caregiver directly through Dignity Grace Home Care,  your 1x placement fee (equivalent to about 8.33% of caregiver annual salary) is a fraction of what you would pay to an agency.

The ongoing savings allows for you to have peace of mind that you can live at home independently and safely for much longer.

How can we ease your concern about if you have found the right caregiver?  We offer unlimited replacements for up to 90 days if you  are not 100% satisfied with the caregiver(s).. 

Still not too sure?  A great option is to use our sister agency, Accessible Health Care of South OC, caregivers & try them out for a few hours or days, for as long as you need them.  If you love your caregiver(s), we will facilitate the transition to making them your employee so you can start saving on care.

Additionally, unlike hiring a caregiver on your own or using a registry, state law has 0 requirements for background checks. Registries will tell you they run background checks on employees, which is their internal staff. However since all their caregivers are independent contractors, you can’t be sure if they have been screened at all.  You’ll be comforted in knowing that your loved one has gone through a detailed care assessment with our nurse AND Senior Care Coordinators. Background check is provided upon your hiring the caregiver.  Your selected caregiver is fully insured and professionally screened through our Proprietary 25-Point Screening & Assessment process, giving you more control, consistency, longevity of care…savings.

To begin the process of finding your perfect caregiver, simply contact us.

We look forward to helping you!